Our respect for the land and crop is what governs our work. As we have designed our own living space to revolve around the winery, it has plenty of character and your visit will truly be authentic.

We offer a variety of experiences from sunsets in the vineyards through wine tastings, all in a homely environment that we feel is the essence of rural hospitality.

Szedmak Winery - the beginning


When I am asked how long I have worked in the wine industry, my answer “almost 30 years now” still surprises me. It all began in Sátoraljújhely, Köves Hill in the 1980s where I planted my first vines.
The trademark wine of that particular vineyard is the now renowned late harvest 2000 vintage Hárslevelű.

From the late 1980s onwards I was growing grapes on leased land in Tarcal and bought my first plot in 1993 here on Kopasz Hill – the Deák Vineyard.

Having learned the importance of good fertile soil in nourishing the vines that will be turned to wine from my 13 years of experience at the Tarcal Institute of Viticulture and the local County Council, I have been able to produce top quality wines consistently year after year.

Experience the wineyards!

We offer you a variety of experiences, whether it is the tour by the sunset or wine tasting. In every case we provide you a family atmosphere that, as we believe, is the heart of rural hospitality.

Our now almost 30 year old Deák


Our now almost 30 year old Deák Vineyard spreads across the South Western side of Kopasz Hill covered with rows and rows of Furmint and Zengő vines.

Its highly fertile soil composition of andesite rock and loess has been the secret to the consistent quality of our wines and the growing success of our winery over the years.

In 2005 we expanded and planted Yellow Muscat, Harslevelű and Furmint grape on the 2 hectares of land bordering the Sajgó Vineyard and now cultivate a total of 3.8 hectares.


Furmint, Hárslevelű, Sárga muskotály (Yellow Muscat), Zéta, Kabar, Zengő

first generation winemaker szedmak-borhaz


Besides its original purpose the winery also serves as our home making the years of hard work worthwhile.

I have so much love for the grapes of Tokaj Valley with their unique flavours enhanced by the climate and soil composition of the region.

Being a first generation winemaker I feel honoured to live and work here making the finest Tokaj wines in our 40 square meter cellar located 13 meter below ground, now awaiting to be explored!