There are 3 world-famous wine regions in the world where natural sweet wines are produced, with Tokaj being one of them. While in other wine regions, Botrytis cinerea is considered a destructive grape disease, here it delights us with the best quality sweet wines.

Tokaj wine region grape varieties ripen in special conditions (warm autumn, proximity of rivers, changing humidity: misty and humid in the morning, dry during the day) which makes the natural sugar content of the grapes sufficient to produce sweet wine.

Traditional specialty wine from Tokaj, made by topping up botrytized grapes twice.

Subtly carrying hints of the aszú, its taste takes long to dissipate owing to its acids.

Vinum regnum, rex vinorum – wine of kings and king of wines!
The liquid gold of Tokaj-Hegyalja has been carrying its title proud and unwavering. Every sip of its exquisite and sublime taste is a gift to body and soul. It is a crime keeping it on the top shelves of cupboards, waiting for it o be the attendant to a special occasion, when countless aszú wines are only waiting to make any moment sweet and memorable.
The aszú wines of the Szedmák Winery on the brink of their coming-of-age, at 16, 17, and 20 years, respectively, make it known without any ado where they are found in the hierarchy.
We are often asked about what foods we recommend it with.
The aszú is, by itself, a bottled-up confectionary masterpiece, being perfectly comfortable alone. However, if we’d prefer company, slightly seasoned roast meats, homemade goose liver paté, and pastries with apple, walnut, almond, or plum match with it flawlessly to create gastronomic symbiosis.

ASZÚ 2000 • 5 Puttonyos

alcohol: 10.5% • sugar: 173 gr • sugar-free extract content: 44.7 gr/l • acid: 7.7 gr/l

The legend itself!
Imagine the searing heat crackling in the air in rocky ridges. Every plant that could not absorb enough water is at the brink of drying out. Every plant but the grapes, which in the meantime are focusing all their might on maintaining a fragile alliance with the moisture remaining somewhere deep within the soil, and take the fight to the conditions above the ground. The legendary and unrepeatable 5 puttonyos Aszú of 2000 was born of this perfect symbiosis.
Message from the maker: In 2000, every Furmint grape of the Deák vineyard was used to make aszú wine. The aszú grapes yielded 55 liters of wine essence. 2460 bottles produced.

Szedmak Aszu 2000 5 putt
Szedmak Aszu 2003 5 putt

ASZÚ 2003 • 5 puttonyos

sugar free extract content: 53 gr/l • acid: 8.1 gr/l • sugar 122gr/l

No nonsense, no mumbo-jumbo, this is the real Aszú! The fruity aromas, minerals, colors, and textures overwhelm all our senses like a bomb. It’s as if time itself stopped when you realize that we don’t only taste with our tongues. It’s exactly so sweet as to be perfect in all kinds of company. You can show off with it to your friends, at business meetings you will be “the one, you know, that brought that nice wine”, or you can captivate the target of your desire with it alongside a bouquet of flowers. It will quickly become the most treasured one in your wine collection.

Message from the maker: Made entirely of Furmint grapes from the Deák vineyard. 976 bottles produced.

ASZÚ 2004 • 4 puttonyos

sugar free extract: 59,5 gr/l • acid: 10,1 gr/l

Manly, characteristic wine. This produce triumphed over a challenging 2004 wine season valiantly. The Deák vineyard has always belonged with the victors, it has always adapted to the most extreme of conditions, like a true hero. And like a true hero, it deserves respect.

Message from the maker: Aszú wine made solely of Furmint grapes. Acids are dominant, it is a long-lived wine. Bottled after 12 years of ageing in wooden barrels. 1776 bottles produced.

Szedmak ASZÚ 2004, 4 puttonyos
ASZÚ 2008, 3 puttonyos

ASZÚ 2008 • 3 puttonyos

natural residual sugar: 73 g • alcohol content: 12.5% • volume: 0.5 l

The 3 puttonyos (three hods) aszú of the Szedmák Winery is the perfect entry wine to get acquainted with the mystical world of the aszú. Aged for 8 years in wooden barrels, it is an amber-colored drink with intense aroma which points way beyond itself. Very good as a drink for an evening to get together with friends. It stays quietly in the background, not striving to be the loudest of the evening, but everyone will remember that it was what made the occasion so memorable.

Message from the maker: Traditional make mainly of botrytized Furmint grapes, Hárslevelű and Furmint base wines, pressed in sacks. 1160 bottles made.

ASZÚ 2014 • 6 puttonyos

sugar: 162 gr • acid: 10.7 gr/l • sugar-free extract: 65.2 gr/l

Great and rare wine from the difficult, cool year 2014. It is made of Furmint grapes, with the base wine of Furmint and Hárslevelű. Its fruitiness has traces of apricot, pineapple and pomelo. It was aged in wooden barrels for two years.
878 bottles made.

Szedmak Aszu 2014, 6 putt


residual sugar: 120 g • extract without sugars: 36 g/l • acid content: 6.3 g/l • alcohol: 11 % • volume: 0.5 l

Specialty Tokaj wine made of the botrytized Furmint bunches left untouched in the uppermost parcels
of the Deák vineyard.


residual sugar: 115 g/l • extract without sugars: 44 g/l • acid content: 7.5 g/l • alcohol: 12 % • volume: 0.5 l

FURMINT {Deák} 2019, semi dry

FURMINT {Deák} 2019 • semi dry

Sold. New vintage coming soon!

residual sugar: 3 g • alcohol: 13 % • volume: 0.75 l

Harmonious, aromatic, fiery Furmint from the loess soils of the Deák vineyard lying on the volcanic slopes of Kopasz-hegy.
Best served with light dinners, salads, fish, and homemade cheese at 12-13 °C.
An excellent apéritif!


Sold. New vintage coming soon!

natural sugar: 153 gr • acid: 7, 1 gr/l • sugar-free extract: 45 gr/l • alcohol: 11,5 %

Szedmak Harslevelu 2017
SÁRGA MUSKOTÁLY {Sajgó} 2019, semi sweet

SÁRGA MUSKOTÁLY {Sajgó} 2019 • semi sweet

Sold. New vintage coming soon!

residual sugar: 35 g • alcohol: 12.5% • volume: 0.375 l

Full-bodied yellow muscat from the Sajgó vineyard.
Excellent as an apéritif. Recommended at 12 °C.

SÁRGA MUSKOTÁLY SPECIAL SELECTION 2015 • sweet • late harvest

Sold. New vintage coming soon!

residual sugar: 145 g • alcohol: 11% • volume: 0.375 l

Made of fully botrytized grapes, its intense scent
and long-lasting taste will give sweet wine lovers an unforgettable experience.
Only 685 bottles were produced.


SÁRGA MUSKOTÁLY 2018 • sweet

alcohol: 13 % • sugar: 62 gr/l • sugar free extract: 28,9 gr/l • acid: 5,6 gr/l

TOKAJ FURMINT 2019 • sweet

alcohol: 11,5 % • sugar: 71 gr/l • sugar free extract: 26 gr/l • acid: 6,4 gr/l

Offering the harmonious taste and scent
of overripe grape clusters, either by itself or served with desserts.
Harmonious and full-bodied, this wine has a long-lasting aftertaste.
Best served at 12-13 °C.
Sweet white wine with protected designation of origin.

Tokaji Furmint 2019
Zempléni Zengő 2019

ZEMPLÉNI ZENGŐ 2019 • semi sweet

alcohol: 13 % • sugar: 37 gr/l • extract 29,1 gr/l • acid: 6,6 gr/l

Made of grapes with botrytis cinerea, this wine has a spicy aroma and is very good as an apéritif.
The characteristic taste of the zengo grape fits very well with the sweetness owing to its overripeness.
Best served at 10-12 °C.
Semi-sweet white wine with protected geographical indication.


alcohol: 12 %

Its aroma and taste feature a unique nutmeg aroma.
It goes well with lighter, spicy, creamy, mushroom and fish dishes, as well as with fresh homemade cheeses.
Recommended consumption at a temperature of 10 – 12 ° C.

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